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Pet Horoscope: Learn More About Your Pet’s Personality

Pet Horoscope: Learn More About Your Pet’s Personality

Animal Astrology

Animals are sentient beings, and just like us are also susceptible to the whims of Cosmic forces and Astrology. Unlike in human horoscopes, Pet Horoscopes only reach the scope of the personal planets, and all the planets beyond Mars are not considered in the making of their maps. The reason is that Astrology only accepts the development of the animal consciousness reaching only the concrete mind, and not the upper level, which is the Abstract Mind, proper of Human beings. Although these premises may be debatable for animal lovers, that is the only reference we find available regarding Animal Horoscopes.

Here are the Pet Horoscopes for Your Non-human Companion

By Liane Buck

Pet Horoscope AriesPet Horoscope – Aries (March 21 to April 20)

The Puppies and Aries Cats are always full of energy. They love attention, affection, and play, and they never seem to get bored. It can be difficult to keep track of these overactive animals. They are temperamental and not the type to give up a fight. They may be embarrassed easily, so do not call their attention in public. Reward good behavior with a delicious treat. Never give “food of people” to your Arian animal, the tastiest and well-seasoned rations are your favorite.

The most serious difficulty you will have will be to make your Aries Pet obey you most of the time. They can be a problem when they start to destroy things in your home. Therefore, they will need repetitive training, a lot of steadiness and patience on their part to learn the lessons.


Pet Horoscope - TaurusPet Horoscope – Taurus (April 21 to May 20)

Taurus Pets are a quiet and passive lot and are the easiest to train. However, if they are provoked into a fight – watch out! These animals never give up; they become stubborn and restless. They are cautious when they meet new people, but when they like you, you can be sure that you will have a friend for life. They will always remember your “friendly smell.”

These animals love life outdoors but prefer to sleep than play. They love to eat and may have problems with weight. They are possessive and will defend their food and toys fiercely.


Pet Horoscope - GeminiPet Horoscope – Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

Gemini pets are curious, friendly, and full of energy. These dogs tend to be vocal and can bark a lot. If possible, get another pet playmate for these animals, as they hate to be alone.

They learn fast and can be well trained. Remember always to keep the door closed, or the Gemini pets will leave instantly, exploring and looking for new friends. Gemini Pets rarely choose one person or animal as a favorite; for them, the important thing is to be together and play with others!


Pet Horoscope - CancerPet Horoscope – Cancer (June 21-July 21)

These pets are very sensitive creatures, and they detest to be sad. They do not like much noise or shouting, and this can make them easily irritated. Otherwise, they are very quiet in calm environments. Any change in their routine or if there is a stranger in the house can make them withdraw and end up hiding for hours or even days. Pets Cancerians are careful to meet new people. But once they trust you, you will have a friend for life.

They do not like sharing the space of the home with other animals because they do not want to share their attention, but they also do not like being left alone and can become destructive if left alone for long.


Pet Horoscope - LeoPet Horoscope – Leo (July 22nd to August 22nd)

Your Leo Pet feels like the King or Queen of the “Castle,” and they are enveloped in an air of royalty. They love a good adventure and will “roar” if you do not take them for a ride, so make each ride a great event.

They are born leaders and, in a short time, can make their other Pets friends follow him. They are very curious and know no bounds, which is an attitude that fits naturally in their profile of being King or Queen. Leo animals love children, and by the way, they are perfect Pets, for they are very protective and can gladly lay down their lives for their own. Take care of them kindly, and they will be friends for many lives. These pets ten to become familiars.


Pet Horoscope - VirgoPet Horoscope – Virgo (August 23 to September 22)

Virgo pets are wonderful companies. They have a sixth sense to know when you are happy or sad, and will always be willing to comfort you. They are shy animals and prefer their own company and even are happy to play with themselves.

They are reserved and will not show their affections easily, so do not expect your Virginian Pet to come running when you get home. They can lovingly stay up all night under your feet or resting on your lap. They are a bit “picky” at the time of eating and may not want to eat any food, once you find a Dog food brand they like, keep this one.


Pet Horoscope - LibraPet Horoscope – Libra (September 23 to October 22)

Libra’s pets are calm, and they like a lot of attention. Like the symbol of justice that is the sign of Libra, these animals divide their attention equally among all members of the family.

They are great companies and hate to be left alone. These pets love good food and quiet music. Put on a song when you leave the house, and they will remain calm and quiet.

They may be stubborn from time to time and may appear to be in a bad mood. Pets Librans eat practically everything, combine this with the tendency to be lazy, and they can get overweight. Be sure to give plenty of exercise for them.


Pet Horoscope - ScorpioPet Horoscope – Scorpio (October 23 to November 21)

Scorpio pets are extremely loyal. If goodness is presented to these animals from an early age, that goodness will come back to you for the life of this pet, but if they are mistreated, getting their trust again will require a long time and patience. They tend to nibble, scratch, or pinch people who mistreat you.

Scorpio animals can intimidate other animals because they rarely give up when confronted. They are full of energy and have to spend it, so, since they are possessive and may have a tendency to fight, keep an eye on them, especially when you receive the visit of the postman or strangers.


Pet Horoscope - SagittariusPet Horoscope – Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)

Sagittarius Pets are the most fun of the animal world because they are always eager to please.

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They love open spaces, so make sure you offer plenty of space for them as a backyard or take them out for a walk. If you keep them indoors for long periods, you’ll probably break that spirited feature of your Pet.

They are one of the most loving pets in the Zodiac, so be prepared to receive several “wet kisses” when you put your foot indoors. They are intelligent animals, but they tend to be very distracted. Because they have a lot of energy to spend, they want to do lots of things at once, and they can forget the commands you teach them, so you have to be very firm when you discipline these animals. So do not worry or be afraid to set strict limits. They will respond well. They tend to play until they get exhausted.


Pet Horoscope - CapricornPet Horoscope – Capricorn (December 22 and January 20)

Capricorn pets become young forever, as they tend to behave like puppies even in old age. They are very patient and play for endless hours. They are the best companions for children.

They may be grumpy and tend to be upset if things do not work out the way they do. So be patient when training these animals since they tend to be kind of “slow” to learn the commands. These animals are more loyal to family members. As they always wish to please, your patience will be well rewarded.


Pet Horoscope - AquariusPet Horoscope – Aquarius (January 21 to February 19)

They are truly the comedians of the Zodiac. They are kind and loving to children and elderly alike and will bark or meow to hear the sound of their voice.

They are extremely intelligent and, at the same time, can be brainless or aloof. You will need a lot of patience to train them as they will not obey orders easily, and the more you force them, the more they will hit the ground and refuse to obey.

Sometimes these animals do not want to be cuddled, so do not be surprised if they get away from time to time, that’s their way. Aquarian pets are very curious and will stick their noses at everything!


Pet Horoscope - PiscesPet Horoscope – Pisces (February 20 to March 20)

Pets of Pisces are gentle, loving, and peaceful folk; they will hate fights and shouts. They love music and do not need a lot of open space and can adapt well to apartments. They will be sensitive to your mood and will be well on your side to give you security when you are sick or sad.

If your Piscean Pet needs discipline, be very careful how you would do it, because as they are intuitive, if they feel that you are sad or angry, stop what they are doing to “take care of you.” So, you may feel that you have a “psychic link” with these animals because they will be able to guess your thoughts.


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Liane Buck is Creatrix from Sirius. Fairly Odd Mother of Saints (Bernards & Danes). Fish Tank aficionado by day Ninja by night. Liane is also an Animal Chaplain and the Editor-in-Chief of OMTimes Magazine, Co-Founder of Humanity Healing International and Humanity Healing Network, and a Board Member of Saint Lazarus Relief Fund.

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