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How to Connect with a Spirit Animal

How to Connect with a Spirit Animal

Power animals

“What is your Spirit Animal?” This is a common question, which you may have heard around, including in memes. But what does it mean to have a spirit animal or, in the correct term, a power animal?

How to Connect with An Animal Spirit?

By Cathedral of the Soul


How does a Spirit Animal relate to your personality, or can it change your life?

You may find in this article answers to some of your questions, but don’t forget to consult a master shaman to understand what your power animal is, how it may influence you. Understand and add more and more connections to nature to your daily life, linking to your Spirit Animal.


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Before explaining what a Power Animal is, however, we need to explain what shamanism is, the set of beliefs that Animal Spirits come from.

Unlike organized religions such as Christianity and Hinduism, shamanism is more a philosophy of life than a religion per se. Shamanism is any set of beliefs that puts man in contact with the flows of nature and with his own inner life and inner universe.

The practices of shamanism today are based on the customs of different Indigenous peoples. People like the North American natives or the original peoples of the land who inhabited Russia in the past. Some of these Indigenous people still live in some inhospitable regions of Russian territory.

A robust Shamanic tradition in the East is the precursor of Buddhism, called “Bon.”

The main concepts of shamanism include connection and harmony between who we are and nature, healing and naturally preventing diseases and disorders, cleansing physical and spiritual bodies, harmonizing environments, and spiritual awareness of the individual and how he relates to nature.

One of the best-known aspects of shamanism is the power animal, but what is it?

What is an Animal Spirit, or  Power Animal?

According to shamanism, we all have three totems of power, each representing one of the realms of nature, according to this belief: stone, plant, and animal.

According to this philosophy of life, these totems clarify and direct our thoughts and feelings, alerting us to changes that must be made or knowing that we are on the right path.

The power animal, therefore, is nothing more than an archetype of your personality. Still, it is more spiritual than rational and psychological: it is like a symbol of the energies found within us, and that will guide our lives and ours. Decisions.


Why You Should Discover Your Power Animal

Discovering and connecting to the power animal, according to shamanism, makes people improve their personal power, psychic powers, and self-confidence. It is a great help in your journeys of awakening and self-knowledge, deepening your spiritual knowledge about yourself, and helping you to become more aware of yourself.

Notably, the power animal is not always related to affinities with the personality of the person it represents.

The most common is that the power animal would bring teachings and knowledge that need to be absorbed to develop qualities, work on his self-knowledge, and avoid mistakes and unpleasant situations that lead to bad decisions and events.


How do I discover my Power Animal?

There is no online test, for example, that can be taken to determine which power animal is yours. It is essential to consult a master shaman, who will facilitate the person’s encounter with their animal totem and, consequently, with their power animal.

Without being guided by a shaman, it is common for people to succumb to the error of choosing an animal, even unconsciously, associating with a species with which they feel an affinity or have admiration, rather than one that really represents who they are internally.

Do you not believe in tests on the internet? Or do you think it is ok to start working on your power animal without first receiving guidance from a master shaman?

But If you answer affirmatively to one or both questions, know this: these are not really genuine assistance for any spiritual practice.

In fact, these practices may cause you to start working with a Power Animal that is not your real one. They may delay your self-knowledge process of spiritual development and will give you a sense of frustration and disillusionment.

It is also essential to say that there are no animals “better” or “worse” than the others because each one of them carries a deep meaning for us. There is, therefore, no lesser or greater importance between having a sperm whale or a butterfly as a power animal.

Forget the lousy habit of comparisons and focus on your power animal.

How do I connect to my Power Animal?

This process is very individual, but, little by little, you will understand how you can communicate with your power animal and get used to its presence.

You must be assisted by a master shaman in the first contact, so don’t try to make this first connection on your own, alone and at home.

From this first contact promoted by the shaman, you will receive instructions on how to stay connected to your power animal, know what it dislikes, and absorb the teachings it has to pass on.

A simple way to connect with your power animal is to meditate. The possibilities are endless, and you can try many of them to understand the one that has the most to do with you and the most spiritually uplifting.

A good example is closing your eyes, controlling your breathing, and going into meditation. Once you are relaxed, imagine yourself in a forest or biome inhabited by your power animal.

Try to approach with delicacy and respect so as not to scare him (or her). When you spot him, smile and try to remain calm because then they will receive you.

Another good example of meditation is to imagine yourself being the animal.  Try being an eagle and flying in the skies, feeling all the sensations related to that flight or diving like a centuries-old whale, and feeling the water run down your body.

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Feeling like your power animal will undoubtedly strengthen your connection with him.

In addition to the tips mentioned here, ask your shaman master for guidance, as he will undoubtedly have great advice to give you that will solidify your relationship and connection with your power animal.

How to Not Drive Your Spirit Animal Away

Despite being a spirit creature, the power animal behaves like a wild animal in nature. It has emotions and feelings like any other being. So, it gets to feel fear, then it withdraws, or feels hostility if it is present.

At times, when you may feel very stressed, or worried, or anxious, you may not be able to connect with your power animal. The Spiritual Animal senses this negative energy and withdraws, avoiding contact.

Do not use your power animal, in times of affliction and suffering.  But try to connect with it when you are feeling full, at peace, and tranquil.

We suggest this because it is at these times that it will show itself fully, to establish the connections between you.

Now that you understand what a Power Animal is and more or less what it can do, you will need a master shaman to identify yours. A shaman will help you to understand and connect with them.

Remember to treat it with care. This is a spiritual event of significance, so focus on developing the spirit, not the logic.


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