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Benefits of Reiki Practice for Animals

Benefits of Reiki Practice for Animals

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Reiki healing as energy is such a fantastic resource that can be used on any living being, animals, people and plants, and even places. In many cases, even in the natural environment and settings, one can create a more pleasant and safe atmosphere through Reiki healing.

Reiki and Animals

Basically, there is no difference in applying Reiki to people, animals, or plants.

The only thing we would cite as a relevant factor when applying Reiki to animals is that while treating animals, we have to use more of our intuition and especially gifts, such as the ones of observation and perception.

Each animal reacts in a way to receive Reiki energy, what I see is that one thing is unanimous, they love it.

For those who are not used to applying Reiki on animals, first, start with your pets. Then apply to animals from friends and acquaintances.

Animals usually know what Reiki means and know that they will receive this energy, being predisposed and open at the time of therapy. However, if the animal does not wish to receive the energy at that time, it will transmit it to the Reiki Practitioner through its body language. This decision must be respected, we must not force an animal to do anything they do not wish or prepare to receive.

Also, it can often occur that the animal is stipulating the time of its treatment. If it has received sufficient energy, it will give you some signal, or the Reiki practitioner will feel the energy flow slow down considerably.


When to use Reiki for Your Pet?

Because it is possible to use Reiki therapy for an animal as a prevention therapy to strengthen its health and to promote welfare, one can use Reiki pretty much anytime.

It is the truth that we are all subject to various kinds of energy at all times, and our animals can absorb these energies intensely. Taking care of the energy flow of the animal is also a form of love. Such treatments need not be frequent. Biweekly or monthly applications can significantly help the quality of life of your animal.

However, as this is not always the case, the ideal time would be that the owners notice something strange, either behaviorally or physically. Reiki should be a resource, but it will not substitute the work of your Veterinarian.

Often the animal has some energy blocks that can easily interfere with its welfare, which will not be easy – if ever – detected by veterinary examinations.

Problems happen first in the spirit-world. Thus, if the animal behaves strangely, Reiki may assist in its restoration and energy balancing, helping and preventing any disease that could manifest itself in the animal’s physical body.

Despite being widespread in recent times, Reiki Healing is still poorly known as a holistic alternative for animal treatment. I believe the most significant barrier is to show that animals need this kind of care as well, and not to wait for a disease to settle there to seek help.

Much of what happens to animals are problems and energies that they absorb from their owners, so taking care of the animal’s energetic and spiritual health is also part of responsible pet ownership.

Reiki Practice for Animals

Does Reiki have real confirmed benefits?

Yes, practicing Reiki energy healing has many benefits, among them (all with scientific evidence) we can mention:

– Improvement in animal behavioral disorders

– Reduces animal stress

– Cease or relieve pain

– Speeds up the healing process

– It improves and strengthens the animal immune system.

– Decreases side effects of chemotherapies and other drugs.

– Prevents physical, mental disorders, and ailments.

– Calms and promotes general well-being

– Stimulates the love and goodwill that is within each being


The treatment works holistically, that is, working on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of those who receive the Reiki healing energy.

Many studies around the world prove the effectiveness of energy and spiritual treatments. Everything is energy. And both humans and animals, beings composed of body, mind, emotions, and spirit, must address their troubles on these four pillars, not just the physical, which allopathic remedies can provide. Everything is important, but using only medicines treats the consequence, not the cause. Hence the importance of addressing the body as a whole.

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Animals are compassionate beings and end up drawing our energy when we are not well.

Reiki helps to restore and balance the energy of the animal when it becomes overwhelmed with the energies around it, whether in the house or their owners.

Animals, especially cats, are sensitive and can actively assist in transmuting the energies of our homes and of our family. However, when there is an excess of negative or deficient energy, the situation may be more than what an animal can handle solely. Hence, the importance of having more than one animal when the family is large), because only one animal can become ill, and in many cases, it can perish. Reiki helps maintain the animal’s well-being, to balance its balance, and to strengthen their immune system.

Animals are sentient beings like us humans. They also appreciate a proper relaxation technique, good energy, loving care that may show them how much they are loved and valued.

Did you know that animals hear and know ALL we talk about? Not to mention, FEEL everything we feel?

So be careful with jokes and words that are aggressive or even careless. Be careful and try to avoid being angry that you end up discounting on your pet. They do not speak a language understandable to us, but we communicate with them all the time!

Talk to your pet, even mentally, they understand you through Images and pictures. This is something to be very important to them!

There are cases of animals that “hold” their deaths because of the owner’s feelings. Some animals get sick out of fear or fear of what the owner thinks and if they are going to be given to someone else. This is exceptionally truthful for animals that come from shelters and when rescued from abusive situations.

An animal is a living being like us, with feelings and emotions. It is our responsibility to care for them on all levels we can.


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