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Co-Creating Well Being During a Pet Health Crisis

Co-Creating Well Being During a Pet Health Crisis

Pet Health Crisis

One of the worst fears for pet parents is a pet health crisis. Enjoy this inspiring story of the Healing of Homer the Horse.

Co-Creating Well Being with Your Pet during a Health Crisis

by Nikki Cuthbertson

Nikki & Homer We are living in a time where thankfully, it’s more accepted that our pets are our family members, and as such, share our experiences, our lives, and an energetic field with us.

When they are sick, we are filled with worry and anxiety. It’s hard to think straight, and there is usually the accompanying feeling of dread in the pit of our stomachs.

As an Animal Communicator, Healer, Intuitive, and Registered Nurse, I practice working in the energetic realms to positively influence the health and well being of both myself and my animals. I value energy work, going into the Quantum field and prayer as much as I do appropriate Western modalities.

We are at a time of our lives where we are bridging places that we have been previously polarized. We are blending Eastern with Western, Heart and Mind, and Science and Spirituality.

Recently my horse, Homer, fell seriously ill. He was being ruled out for meningitis and was rushed to the UC Davis Veterinary Hospital in Davis, CA, and promptly put into quarantine—the worst thing ever for a herd and prey animal, albeit completely appropriate to keep other horse patients safe.

As I listened to all of the potential diagnoses he might have, tests and procedures that he needed to endure, I could feel my positive sphere of influence on him waning as fear crept over me shriveling my heart to the size of a raisin.

I have decades of spiritual, meditative, and energetic practices under my belt but I felt myself slipping into a frozen, PTSD state of mind as words such as autopsy, spinal tap, and pathogens swirled through the air.

I then had the thought—I don’t have to do this alone.

So, I made prayer request for him on social media and held the intention the Western medicine would fully support him without any negative side effects. I found the place inside of me that didn’t fully believe that he would recover, and I breathed into that energetic knot until I felt it release.

Only when it released did I then join up with my Homer. He didn’t need my fear along with his. I let him know that we were in this together, that I would not abandon him, and that I was seeing him healed.

In fact, his healing had already taken place, and we were biding our time moving towards that reality together. I let him know that people were praying for him and asked him to open up his field to receive healing and blessings.

I meditated multiple times a day and invited my horse to join me in that heart-mind space. My sassy, spunky horse would sit quietly with his head gently placed into my chest. Something he doesn’t normally do.

During my meditations, I visualized him as completed healed and how good it felt that he had healed. I energetically sent him the feeling tone of well-being in his body while simultaneously holding space for his process—whichever way it was destined to go.

Between being a nurse and an intuitive healer, I’ve seen first-hand that when it’s someone’s time to go, they go, no matter how good the care is or how loved they are.

This was less about “fixing” things and more about providing an emotional and energetic environment for his body to do the healing that it already wanted to do. It was about being fully present at the moment and not letting my fears and future thinking emotionally cripple my horse or me.

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On day 4 of the pet health crisis, he was supposed to go for an invasive procedure which, if it didn’t work, would then mean surgery for him because of its deeply hidden and hard to access nature.

They did an ultrasound of him, and overnight, he spontaneously created a draining track for his infection site on his own.

Now in ordinary reality, these things do happen, but if you are asking for help from the unseen realms, it’s important to know that we don’t create these miracles alone and to say thank you. I believe this miracle took place through the power of group prayer, amazing vets, Western medicine, and going to the quantum field with my horse to hold space for new possibilities. His healing became the manifestation of this process. Homer is now home, on amazing herbs, and very sassy.


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About the Author

Nikki CuthbertsonNikki Cuthbertson is an Animal Intuitive, Psychic, and Medium specializing in transpersonal work using animals as teachers for partnership, healing, and connection. While she is in service with all animals, Nikki has an especially deep love of horses. She works with elite performance horses, all people that love horses, and has a special fondness for working with wild mustangs off of Bureau of Land Management. In her personal love affair with horses, she is exploring the parallels between body awareness, balance, partnership, and moving as one. Nikki spent the first 20 years of her career working as a critical care nurse, is an energy healer, and has taught yoga and meditation. She has a deep love of working with people as they move through times of transformation by bringing them messages from their Guides and their Healed Self. Her web site is 415- 519-0745

Facebook: Nikki Cuthbertson: Intuitive Soul Support for Humans and their Animals Instagram: Nikki Cuthbertson

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