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Jin Shin Jyutsu is a form of intuitive healing knowledge that all we humans carry inside us from birth and often unconsciously use time and again.

When we put our heads in our hands while thinking, for example, we activate certain parts of our brain and thereby help ourselves to remember things. At school, children often sit on their hands, which helps them to focus, listen more carefully, and to remember what they have learned. When we cross our arms, we touch a point in the crook of the elbow, which helps to align us with our own authority and power. We also intuitively place our hands on painful areas, on ourselves or on an animal, as a means of reassurance. Everyone knows Jin Shin Jyutsu—we just need to remember it again.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a gentle healing art to harmonize life energy, which can be applied to humans as well as animals. By placing our hands on certain points in the body, life energy is brought back into the flow, self-healing potentials are stimulated, and complaints and symptoms are alleviated or completely eliminated. Holding Jin Shin points is a wonderful and easy way to regain mental and physical balance.

You can use Jin Shin Jyutsu to help your cat or dog if they are undergoing veterinary treatment or are about to have an operation. Jin Shin Jyutsu has a strengthening effect after surgical interventions, supports the healing process, and makes it easier to tolerate anesthetics.

By holding certain points on the body, you help to “jump-start” life energy so that it can flow harmoniously, evenly, and powerfully again. Health and well-being rely on this harmonious flow of life energy.

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Even if your cat or dog has no symptoms or other issues, you can use the flows as a preventative measure. You can strengthen the health and resilience of your pet with just a few minutes of treatment.

Helpful Hints

Quick Guide to Holding Points

• Make sure that the atmosphere is as calm and undisturbed as possible.

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