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Mediumship in Animals

Mediumship in Animals

animal as a medium

Animals Can Be Mediums: Mediumship in Animals

Can Animals be ‘Mediums’ like Human beings?

We all know what it means to be a Medium. Some of us are aware that animals can be very sensitive beings, and sometimes they are very good judges of characters.  With all of this in mind, we ask ourselves:  Would it be so strange to consider that our animals may have some medium abilities?

Nevertheless, this is a complex and controversial issue. Evidence shows that animals have a sensitivity as heightened (or even more) than many sensitive people.

Have you ever heard someone say that your pet seems to understand your thoughts or feelings? In fact, they are not exaggerating. Animals do possess unique psychic abilities that have not yet found an explanation in science.


Animals are sentient beings; they have a special and unique stream of consciousness that may differ from Human consciousness. Still, Animals have a specific type of intelligence that is already proven. We know that each species has a different degree of brain development capacity.

However, some capabilities are difficult to ascertain due to the difficulty of communicating with them.

Have you ever heard that dogs and cats could see spirits?

Many people claim that it is accurate, and whoever is a spiritual or medium and manages to contact beings from other dimensions confirms this theory. There are many reported studies about animals’ life, communication, and impressive experiences. Such experiences include the materialization of animals in experimental sessions.

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On some of these occasions, they reported dog yelps being heard by several people at the same time, without a dog in the vicinity.

Faced with these statements, we can think about whether animals have the capacity to act as mediums or not.

In fact, a “mediumistic phenomenon, in the fullness of its semantic connotation, is the one of an intellectual effect. It is an occurrence in which the sensitive person or an empath really works as the communication channel between incarnated and disincarnated”.

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