Ethical Conscience

Microbial Communities

Microbial Communities: The Bugs in our Buildings

Microbial Communities: The Bugs in our Buildings By Bryn Nelson Meet the researchers looking into the microbial communities of indoor spaces. The University of Oregon researchers Jessica Green and G Z ‘Charlie’…


Euthanasia for animals
Euthanasia: When It Is Time To Say Goodbye

Euthanasia means “good death” or “death without suffering.” This procedure is taboo for humans, but it is a practice in veterinary medicine. Preparing for the Goodbye Time By Ministry Earth The Goodbye…

10 Benefits of Adopting a Cat
The 9 Benefits of Adopting a Cat

Are you a fan of cats? Adopting a Cat Is Good for You The various families of domestic Felines are beautiful, clean, and do not require your continuous attention. These are just…

Feng Shui Sacred Animals
The 5 Feng Shui Sacred Animals

There are five sacred animals in Feng Shui that define the flow of energy in a house: Serpent, Turtle, Tiger, Dragon, and Phoenix. The Sacred Animals of Feng Shui That Define Energy…

Animal Spiritual Guardians
Can Our Animals also be Spiritual Guardians?

Are there Animal Spiritual Guardians? Animal Spiritual Guardians By Ministry Earth Can animals be Spiritual Guardians? Many people don’t understand what animals, such as cats and dogs, may mean in someone’s life,…


Animal Rescue Corps rescues  Over 65 animals from desperate conditions in Danbury North Carolina, ahead of Ida Flash Flood Watch. Animal Rescue Corps (ARC), a national nonprofit animal protection organization, responded to…

Conscious Consumption
The Elusive Model of Conscious Consumption & Its Ethical Compass

The Elusive Model of Conscious Consumption & Its Ethical Compass By Alberto Adler Conscious Consumption has been gaining adepts all over the world. It is, of course, a more achievable goal for…