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animal Reiki
Benefits of Reiki Practice for Animals

Reiki healing as energy is such a fantastic resource that can be used on any living being, animals, people and plants, and even places. In many cases, even in the natural environment…

Seoullo Sky Garden
Seoullo Sky Garden: The Hanging Gardens of Seoul

The Seoullo was once destined for demolition, but the 16-meter-tall highway has been transformed and is now The Hanging Gardens of Seoul. Visit the Hanging Gardens of Seoul, the Seoullo Sky Garden…

Prosthetics for Disabled Dogs
18-Year-old Boy makes Free Prosthetics for Disabled Dogs

Alejandro Colli has started an organization called Free Prosthetics for Disabled Dogs to create prosthetics for dogs on his 3-D printer. 18-Year-old Boy makes Prosthetics for Disabled Dogs: Free Dog Paw Prostheses…

Bamboo Bikes
Changing the World with Bamboo Bikes

The making of Bamboo Bikes is creating an impact in several countries around the world. Bamboo Bikes -The Eco-Friendly Face of Transportation The plant-based and the bamboo bike frame is composed of…

recycled island
Spiral II: The Floating Recycled Island

Spiral Island II is the second floating artificial recycled island built with plastics by environmentalist Richard Sowa, using PET bottles as building elements. The Floating Recycled Artificial Island made of Plastic Bottles…

The Seeds of Hope: Solution for Homelessness

Homelessness is one of the worse problems we face in our world today. Even large cities in countries with excellent social benefits are seeing an increase in the number of homeless people.…