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Space Clearing and Your Animals

Space Clearing and Your Animals

space clearing

Space clearing gets stuck energy to move again, boosting body, mind, and spirit. Here’s how to involve your animal family.

How to be Effective with Space Clearing When You Have Animals

By Robyn M Fritz

Space clearing is a process we use to keep the energy flowing in space, often using specific rituals and tools. We use it to boost ourselves but often overlook how we can make it benefit our animal families.

Clearing Energy, Clearing Space

The need to clear our spaces is universal: nothing stays clear without assistance. Life is messy, and as we go about our busy days, we pick up bits of outside energy from the people and places around us (even in a pandemic). That’s the body, mind, and spirit of life: our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being depends on whether energy flows smoothly—or is blocked.

That is also true for our animal families. Here’s how to help them benefit from clearing space.


Our Animals and Clearing Space

First, let your animals know that a space clearing is scheduled. And why.

Experts in energy work, especially energy awareness, our animals are more naturally aware of how energy flows than we are. They’re not better than us. They’re just more aware of what their souls are up to, which means they can follow energy movement more clearly.

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Animals feel tension and uncertainty and get drained like we do, even though their worries aren’t paychecks or mortgages (although our worries affect them). They also know where energy is stuck in a space and may react to changes more quickly than we do.

Pay attention to any physical or personality changes they exhibit, but also look more profound. Are your animals suddenly avoiding a room or a specific place? Are they lethargic or acting up for no discernible reason?

Animal Sensibility to Changes on the Energy Field

While it’s important to always check in with your animals, it’s critical to ask them what’s up if you notice odd behavior. Yes, ask your animals to tell you what’s going on with them and with space. While the issue could be something they’re personally worried about, it could be something going on in the space that you don’t realize, including the so-called “paranormal,” which can be identified when a docile or laid-back dog or cat suddenly acts up in space. If your own observation doesn’t give you enough information, hire an animal communicator. Once you settle that, also ask your animals what their needs and wants are so you can address them in the clearing—and afterward.

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