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Can Our Animals also be Spiritual Guardians?

Can Our Animals also be Spiritual Guardians?

Animal Spiritual Guardians

Are there Animal Spiritual Guardians?

Animal Spiritual Guardians

By Ministry Earth

Can animals be Spiritual Guardians? Many people don’t understand what animals, such as cats and dogs, may mean in someone’s life, and the role they may play for their humans. It may be hard for some to comprehend the dimension of feelings and emotional attachments between them along with the potential of spiritual exchange of energies.

The connection with our furbaby is literally a connection, devoid of words that can explain it.

Spirit itself is not human; it may spring up in any life… it may exist in all animals, and who knows how many undreamt-of beings, or in the midst of what worlds? ~George Santayana


The Spiritual Lesson on Simplicity

For those who are used to have them around, they know with certainty that once this friendship is born, it stays forever. Animal love is unconditional and, above all, that you will realize in your heart that you will never be alone again. Despite that, it is difficult to measure for sure how much animals can make our lives happier and how much they teach us daily that the most important in life is simplicity.

For dogs, it doesn’t matter which house they live in or wealth, clothes, and toys of the best quality. The most important thing is the affection you offer every day, the attention, your time to play, or simply to be good company. They teach us with so little that the simple renews the soul, and that we should seek the best version of ourselves whenever possible.

In every man and in every animal, however weak or wicked, great or small, resides the same omnipresent, omniscient soul. The difference is not in the soul but in the manifestation. Between the smallest animal and me, the difference is only in manifestation, but as a principle, he is the same as I am, he is my brother, he has the same soul as I have. This is the greatest principle that India has preached. ~Swami Vivekananda


Emotional Benefits

Besides the benefits already proven by all those who live with dogs daily, science also helps to show more about this side. Combining these benefits with different human treatments, Pet Therapy, a form of treatment that involves animals, is used regularly in several hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers. It makes people who face some type of illness feel happier, contributing directly to the healing process. Many have developed horse therapy to help autistic and other disabled children.

All spiritual interests are supported by animal life. ~George Santayana

Can Animals also be Spiritual Guardians

Spiritual Heart of the Relationship Human X Animal

Much more than science and the owners who live daily with their animals, many schools of spirituality recognize the healing powers that dogs and other animals seem to have. Some people claim that animals absorb energy from the environment and from the people who are always around. This means that when they are sad or unmotivated, they are overwhelmed by the environmental energies.

To help them, just pet them and make them feel loved. Also, allow the animal to be in contact with water, earth, plants, and all elements from Nature. That is the best way to assist them in recharging their vital energies.

For some spiritualists, when these animals share an intense and real connection with their owners, dogs may return to them. Yes, animal reincarnation is possible, and it happens more than you may think. In the older times, these manifestations among animals reincarnating were called Familiars. Some animals are bounded by love for their Humans.

The great lesson is that unity is behind all. Call it God, Love, Spirit. Allah, Jehovah – it is the same unity that animates all life from the lowest animal to the noblest man. ~Swami Vivekananda

The truth is that regardless of everyone’s opinion of the ability that dogs have (for instance), to make our lives more joyful, we cannot deny that they make life much better and become our guardians, custodians, and loving companions, guiding us through safe, and right directions.

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The positive impact in our lives is genuine and leaves marks that remain even after they are gone. Their love leaves pawprints in our hearts, making us not forget the most profound teachings and the moments we lived together.

After all, is there a more beautiful mission than spreading love? Only those who are evolved and know what that feeling is can do that and transform everything wherever they go. So are our beloved animals.



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