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Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Earth Ministry Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines- Write For us

Submitting Articles to Earth Ministry Magazine

We do not accept unsolicited article submissions through email

Ministry Earth Magazine accepts open submissions from the public. Although submissions are not a guarantee of publication, Ministry Earth is a project open to collaboration and accepts submissions from users, which will be published after review and approval (if applicable). Join us and submit articles, photos or videos that will teach the next generation of readers how to take better care of their pet at home, help those that want to know more about wildlife, or engage in conservation activism and Animal Rights and Welfare actions.

Let’s inspire tomorrow’s Earth friends, today.

Ministry Earth is a collaborative project and the Magazine is part of the educational and informational outreach. Please check this page and many of our Call To actions, please learn all about how to be part of this project.

Our publication is an offshoot of Cathedral of the Soul Animal Ministry and Eco Ministry and would offer users the possibility to actively participate by writing articles, such as opinion articles, sending pictures of their animals, or other types of participation, such as contests and hobbies.

It is required by Ministry Earth and Its parent organizations that all content submitted by users for publication is accompanied by the true name and optionally links to personal web pages or social networks.

When we publish their content, we will publicly make available the information that the user sends us as the author of this content, with the exception of the email address and other forms of contact that will be kept private (unless explicitly requested by the user to make them publicly available).

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All submissions to Earth Ministry must be made through our Writers and Author’s Incubator at

All posts within the Author’s Incubator’s & Writers’ Community Network – in blogs, discussions, and groups – are deemed to be submissions for possible publication in Ministry Earth Magazine in all its various formats.

Before making a submission, it is highly recommended that you read through this submission document carefully and visit our ‘TRAINING’ area, which will provide you with valuable additional information.

Please also familiarize yourself with our ‘Copyright and Reprint Policy,’ ‘Terms of Use,’ and ‘Conduct Guidelines.’

The following is the most current, abbreviated version of Ministry Earth Magazine article submission guidelines and expectations for items provided through the Author’s Incubator &Writers Community portal

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