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The Constellation of Love in Healing Miracles

The Constellation of Love in Healing Miracles

Last year I had the profound experience of being on both sides of the healing journey. There is nothing more stressful than having a loved one be sick, especially our animal family.  I was ill, and later in the year, one of my animals was very sick.

The Constellation of Love in Healing Miracles

By Nikki Cuthbertson


Earlier in 2019, I had a significant health challenge that I had to work through to stay here in my body. There were a lot of people praying for me. I could feel the love coming towards me as a web of light and love- both from the people praying for me and also from Source energy, as the healing pulse of Life itself moving through me.

My husband did a very loving thing for me during that time. When we did not know if I was going to recover, he sent me an energetic lifeline. This was not a fancy or elaborate process. It was about being fully present. When he found me in the darkness and stillness, he made no nudge or pressure for me to get better. It was as if once he “found” me, he simply sighed as if to say, “ Oh good, now that I found you, we are together, that is all each of us needs.

There is no need to get out of this place called sickness. We can just rest here, together, right now.” It was so beautiful to be met in that way- to be loved so unconditionally without pressure to get better, and without my having to manage his fears.

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Healing is not necessarily the absence of disease. It’s a state of mind that enables our cells to come into whatever balance is for them for that day. It is also a state of Being that allows love.

Having a spiritual practice or optimistic outlook helps the healing process. We each can take responsibility for that part. However, having the direct experience of being seriously ill and receiving the love and prayers of people in my world, I know that the love and prayers being sent had a positive and tangible effect on me.

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