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Cat Spirituality and Body Language

Cat Spirituality and Body Language

Cat Spirituality and Body Language

Cat Spirituality and Body Language

By Ministry Earth

It is often difficult to understand what our cats want to tell us. They are mysterious animals; however, they have a powerful spirituality and heightened sensitivity. Therefore, it is important to understand what they want to tell us. We have listed the cats’ spiritual powers to help us understand their language and spirituality.


The very sensitive animals, our cats, or felines, have healing power and protect us from negative energies present in the environment and people.

Learn how to interpret the signs of cats that show their spirituality:


With heightened sensitivity, cats sense when some internal organ is not functioning normally or will get sick shortly, so they insist on lying on top of it. As they are energy transmuters, they can transmit positive energies to a place loaded with low vibration energies. So when he comes close to you, sits down on the spot, and then leaves, he feels that he has already healed that energy.


Cats have different sleep needs than humans. They need more sleep than we do. However, if you notice that your cat is sleeping more than usual, it is a sign that he is overloaded with many negative energies in the environment and people. He absorbs this energy and can only rebalance it by sleeping.


Does your cat insist on sleeping near your bed (or even on top of it)? Don’t fight with kitty over this. They only do this to protect you. As much as you don’t like having them on the bed, they want to be there as guards so that if something or someone with bad energies approaches, they’ll be there to protect us.


Most cats don’t come straight to meet visitors once they get home, as dogs do. Suspicious, cats want to “read” people before going to their laps or letting them cuddle. It is common for them to hide and only appear in the room at the owners’ call. It is also common for your cat to hang around you while “strange” people are at home. He doesn’t want anyone to approach you with bad energy. If your cat attacks a visitor like this out of the blue and it’s not like him, you can know that this person has charged, negative energy coming along with them. It may also be that this person does not like cats. Felines feel from afar when they are not admired and tend to attack.


Cats tend to choose a few specific places to sleep, even if the owner has not established that this would be their place. They often lie down or sleep in places of stagnant, stagnant, unbalanced, or negative energy, and they do this to harmonize the places. Some studies show that cats often use their sensitivity and spirituality to lie in places with underground water lines or geological faults. According to these studies, these places usually cause illness and depression and attract more energy, and that’s why cats lie there to absorb that energy and transmute it.


If you have a cat, you have certainly seen him give you some massage. This cat’s attitude refers to the times when he suckled his mother’s cat and made this movement to stimulate milk flow. They are weaned at a tender age, and this act is one of the few that takes him back to his mother and breastfeeding times. When he does this “massage,” he is not trying to stimulate the flow of milk in you, but remembering these homesick moments with his mother, showing you that he feels good in her presence, that the moment lived made him remember maternal presence. It is common, for example, for kittens to do this massage on pregnant bellies. Suction movements can also accompany massage on clothes and other fabrics.


If you don’t have a cat at home and a kitten follows you or enters your house wanting to stay, it’s a sign that you need a cat in your life. The cat volunteers and chooses you as its owner, and he has the mission to help you or pay a karmic debt of spirituality to you. It may seem difficult to identify what that kitten’s mission is in your home, but he knows it. He realizes the presence of karmic debt and wants to pay it off (such as having a spirit that accompanies him that has harmed you in other lives and now wants to reward you). The ideal is not to scare the cat away, as it will try to come back at some point.


Cats transmit many signals with their ears, and you need to know how to interpret them:

Ears forward: cat opens to social contact, would like to be petted, play with you or be in your company.

Ears up: the cat is in a state of alert. He is anxious or anticipating something (such as someone coming home).

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Ears turned back: Danger. If his ears are back, he’s irritable and aggressive. Better leave him alone.


The tail is another way for cats to communicate with the world. See what he means:
Tail straight up: the cat is happy to see you
Tail erect with the tip slightly forward: I am friendly and want attention
Tail erect horizontally: I am interested in something focused
Tail wagging: I’m angry, something is bothering me, don’t play with me
Low tail or tail between the legs: I’m worried or pouting
tail down: I’m scared
Squidward tail up: I’m mad


• Unusual aggression: if your cat is suddenly angry and aggressive and you don’t know why, you, the environment, or someone in the house must have strong negative energies, and he cannot deal with it alone.

• Lie on all four legs: it warns you that a storm is coming. It feels the vibration of the rain and warns you with this movement.

• Insistently cleanses paws and face: a visitor will arrive soon.

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