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Pet Bereavement: Mourning a Beloved Animal

Pet Bereavement: Mourning a Beloved Animal

Pet Bereavement

 Are you mourning the death of a pet? Pet Bereavement is just as difficult as the death of a family member, especially for children, because, in truth, your pet IS a member of the family.

Pet Bereavement – What to Do When Mourning a Beloved Animal

We never imagine that this day would come, but unfortunately, our fur babies don’t have the gift of a longer lifespan to share countless moments at our side. There is no way to protect ourselves from this pain. Despite what some people say regarding the mourning of your pet as a silly feeling, the pain is very much real.

Many issues can surface from their departure, what to do with the body, how to tell the children, how to help them to integrate the pain of losing their animal companions.


Necessary Steps to Deal with the Grief of Pet Bereavement

 If your animal is sick and it is in a Vet Hospital:  If your Furbaby is sick, go visit your cat, or your dog, and bring the children with you. Talk to them, allow them to let go if they feel it is their time. Tell them that you don’t need to see them suffering and in pain, it is important to say your goodbye. You as their earthly guardian should observe a compassionate attitude, especially when they are dealing with the end of life issues.


Compassionate Euthanasia:  When the suffering of our pet is too much, or the quality of life can’t be preserved, your Veterinarian may suggest euthanasia. The ideal scenario would be to have the procedure done at your home, with all the pet’s family around, including other animal companions. This may sound creepy at first but would help them relax and feel that they are not being abandoned.

For many Pets, their collars are symbols of their belonging, their guarantee that they have a place in the family. It is important not to take their collars before the procedure, it can inflict some distress to them.


A Memorial Service:  To hold a Memorial service to your beloved animal is not strange or weird, just the opposite. It can be a powerful way to prepare and deal with their departure and future absence.


A Memory Box: The first thing you may want to do is to gather your pet’s toys, blankets, and other belongings. It is important to keep memories, but the need to keep them may change with time. Your Memory box may be reduced as you may decide to donate, but the rule of thumb is that you should keep something with you when you feel nostalgic.


Let people talk: Many people may think they have the magic solution for your grief. Many will feel the need to give you their precious advice, but at this time is very important to follow your heart. If at any point you need to cry, by all means, do it. Keep in mind that real friends will try to support you the best way they can. Suffering alone will hurt you more.


Pet bereavement


What to do with the Body?

No doubt this is one of the most significant questions, and many have different answers. Some people may want to bury your animal in the backyard, others may throw the body in the trash, and some will prefer to have the body of their pets cremated. But what would be best for you?

If your animal passed away while at home with you, you may want to contact their Vet and arrange the cremation services, that could be collective or personal.

The collective cremation you will not receive the ashes of your animal, but the price will be more reasonable. With the private server, you will receive the ashes, and if you want, you might also arrange a memorial ceremony at the same place.


Pet Bereavement – How to Tell the Children?

Avoid saying phrases such as “he went to sleep,” “she became a little star,” or she went to live in heaven. The loss of a beloved pet can be an ideal situation to teach the little ones how to deal with death and grief. When tenderly introduce, the concept of death can be understood and will be invaluable when dealing with it later in life.

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It is vital to ask the children if they want to participate in any memorial ceremony or funeral, if not, they wish should be respected.

During the period of grief, you should be prepared to answer their questions, and if you feel you are not able to respond appropriately, don’t hesitate to procure a professional to assist you with those.

Be aware of the signs of grief, sometimes the child seems to respond quite well to a loss, but it doesn’t mean she is not suffering in silence.


When to Adopt a New Animal

That is a tricky aspect of life that only you can determine. Slowly, the pain will give the place to good memories and the remembrance of joyful moments, but the absence will always be eternal. You may choose not to hurry to get another animal as at the peak of the mourning process, it would not be fair with a new rescue to fill the Big “shoes” of your previous pet.

Many people don’t think like that, they believe they will honor the memory of their furbabies if they adopt another animal in need of loving-kindness, and a special place to call home.

Mourning is hard especially when we loved someone so much. Thrive to cultivate the good memories and the gratitude for sharing so many beautiful moments together with your furbabies.


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