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5 Reasons Why Black Cats Make Ideal Pets

5 Reasons Why Black Cats Make Ideal Pets

5 REASONS Black cats are good pets

If you are looking for a new pet, consider black cats.

Black Cats Make Awesome Pets

The Fur Color in animals, while not defining the personality of the cat, may be related to some behavioral characteristics of the animal. In the case of black cats, these cats are friendlier and more sociable than cats of other colors, according to animal expert and author Temple Grandin.

Black cats tend to live better in groups. Similarly, they are more peaceful, which makes them ideal candidates for coexistence in urban environments. It is worth noting that in addition to these characteristics, the personality of each individual animal determines the degree of sociability and their level of aggressiveness.

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History of Black Cats

There has not always been this silly tradition of bad luck associated with black cats, but the reality is quite the opposite. They have always been considered sacred animals.

In Ancient Egypt, it was believed that the black cat possessed divine qualities and, therefore, were related to the cult of Bastet, the goddess of fertility.

At other times in history, the belief was that a newly married couple who saw a black cat had ensured prosperity in their married life.

The sailors also believed that if they took a black cat on board during their journeys, they would give them good luck.

However, these considerations regarding the magical powers of these cats changed in the Middle Ages, where they became unfairly related to witchcraft.

Luckily, these days, this black cat image has already been modified, and people just notice the incredible beauty and temperament of these beautiful cats.


Characteristics of Black Cats

Leaving aside the absurdities of the superstitions, when we see a black cat we cannot help but contemplate their impressive charm and elegance. They are very affectionate and grateful to their owners, perhaps because they have been so mistreated over time. People who own them can give testimonies of how affectionate they are with their owners and with other animals. They like to sleep in bed with their owners.

Without a doubt, it’s the most intuitive type of cats out there. They are sure that they will not do you any harm, they are very loving and tender.

In his book, Animals Make Us Human, Temple Grandin explains that some characteristics differentiate black cats from cats of other colors, showing that evolution made these cats peaceful beings for them to proliferate. The reasons below confirm that they are affectionate animals that deserve the great love that owners feel for their cats.

1. Black cats are friendlier than cats of other colors

Whether with other cats or people, these cats are more affectionate and live well in groups. Even though they are more familiar than cats of different colors, black cats are viewed by people as antisocial, according to a study conducted by the University of California at Berkeley. Such perceptions may contribute to statistics that point to black cats as the least adopted and most sacrificed in the United States.

However, it is worth noting that black kittens are extraordinarily amiable and, like other cats, mirror in the routine and behavior of their owners.


2. They cope better with crowded environments

 In her book, Temple Grandin mentions that black cats deal better with crowded environments. Whether in a busy city or in a house with several animals, black cats tend to adapt to these environments better than cats of other colors.

Wherever they go, they leave a legacy. In ancient Egypt, they were worshiped and having a black cat at home was considered a symbol of luck. Today in Japan, these animals are also considered lucky.

As much as black cats deal well with other animals and people, it is always interesting to offer a safe place for them to stay. Putting a bed like this in a hidden or raised place like on top of a piece of furniture, for example, allows the cat to observe what is going on around him without being seen, which can help him feel safe and protected.


3. They are more inclined to live in the community than other cats

Of course, black cats are more inclined to live in the community than cats of other colors. They are quieter than other cats, and this makes them ideal animals to have at home. For pet owners who get a lot of visitors, black may be the desired choice among other cat colors because of these characteristics.


4. They get less scared than yellow cats

Ms. Grandin also mentions other studies that show that orange cats are naturally more reactive than black cats. This is because orange cats feel more fear and this fear, therefore, can generate reactivity.

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The genes that cause yellow cats to be more timid and fearful are inherited. Thus, even reducing fear in these cats, it is difficult to completely eliminate their shyness. Because black cats do not have this same level of shyness, they are naturally friendlier and more natural to socialize with other animals and people.


5. Despite having a recessive gene, black cats multiply

Black hair is a recessive gene. Despite that, these cats tend to proliferate with ease. One reason is that the black hair gene also carries an essential advantage for these cats. According to Mr. Stephen J. O’Brien of the Feline Genome Project, it is possible that the mutation that is generated by black also creates immunity against viruses in the feline HIV family.

The gene, which also makes the cat more peaceful, may be responsible for their ability to mate with other females. While more aggressive cats, like yellow cats, spend their time struggling with other diverse cats to be the first to mate with females, black cats patiently wait for their turn. With this strategy, they do not get hurt so much in fights and continue the proliferation of kittens with a black coat.


We want to pay homage to this cat for their beauty, their temperament, and their incredible elegance. These cats are now related to superstition and witchcraft, but we are going to demystify that tradition.

People who decide to adopt a black cat should know how to appreciate the characteristics and virtues of these gorgeous cats, their beauty, and their elegance, leaving aside the contrary popular belief.


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