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Gaia Changes and the Journey of the Koala

Gaia Changes and the Journey of the Koala

The Koala’s Journey and A Message from Gaia

Mother Earth is going through significant upheavals as Climate Change becomes more serious.  The plight of the Koalas in the Australian fires is symbolic of this.

What’s Happening with Our Planet and with Us?

By Esther Haasnoot

Earth and its people are going through a rapid, progressive series of changes and transformation as we are ‘waking up’ to a new way of being and in a unique manner of looking at the world. Growing up is not always easy, and change can feel frightening and uncomfortable. The energy of the unified field is expanding and moving towards higher degrees of structure and wholeness.


Climate Change and Shift in Consciousness

These cosmic and planetary influences play a part in the evolution of consciousness. When we have some understanding of how they can enhance our spiritual awakening, we may embrace this knowledge and utilize it for our own advancement and peace of mind. Our placement in the cosmos at this time serves to assist us on a very personal and global level, while we are moving into higher states of conscious awareness.


How does all of this relate to our own personal awakening?

Earth is one huge magnetic field. As her magnetic fields shift and change, it affects our own personal energy fields. Gaia is a sentient being, often referred to as “mother” earth. Within the core of Gaia is a crystalline energy field of Light. This is the “heart” of Gaia’s consciousness that feeds into the ley-lines and consciousness grids around the planet. This crystalline frequency can support and ground you into higher levels of consciousness.

The solar system- along with other cosmic activities – influences the earth, her magnetic fields, the consciousness grids around the planet, and ultimately our own fields of Light. Besides the changes in Gaia’s magnetic fields – the seismic activity within the planet also helps to increase our ability to access more Light as information within our physical experience. It provides a catalyst for change. Because Gaia evolves life upon her to evolve as well. For us in or out alignment plays a role in the advancement of our consciousness.


Nature and quantum physics

“These cosmic activities are designed to break down and shift outdated energetic templates within our personal and collective grid systems to allow for new Light information, new levels of awareness to anchor into the minds of humanity. The old must release/break before the new can take hold”.

Human consciousness can create ripples in the magnetic field of the earth and vice versa, particularly during moments with intense thoughts and emotions like high tension, anxiety, rage, or passion.

Shifts often come in ‘waves’ and so it can often feel as though we are riding a wave. With the highs and peaks, and the lows and falls while you raise your frequency and master each hurdle.

The cosmic influences and our personal drive to remember our spiritual truth and nature is the key to global change and global movement. Increases in frequency to increases in consciousness, and when our consciousness increases, we have greater awareness. This is part of the grand plan or “universal support” to provide a new energetic structure for consciousness to expand.

Koala Medicine

Lifting the veil to awaken to who we truly are

The earth is assisting us in lifting the veil, initiating us to a quickening in energy, and enabling us to see our true nature. As the earth goes through her metamorphosis, we are starting to understand more about energy and quantum physics, and how our own thoughts are energy which can affect our physical body and even our entire environment.

So, the world is changing, and nature and all beings are shifting with it. We have to mature and make a difference. Some people have been ‘conscious’ of this for a while. While others are beginning to sense things, and some people are still sleeping. And yet, we are all going through this time of emotional intensity before we enter a new consciousness.

When we remember and awaken to who we truly are, human beings can finally move from a state of surviving to a state of thriving. And wouldn’t that upgrade our nervous system and expand our perception and awareness of reality?”


Bushfires in Australia and the Inner Journey of the Koala

We all are connected with the pain of Australia as bushfires burning across Australia. Can it be that the earth is cleansing itself of global negative energy, and the elements are at play?

We all have seen the pictures of koalas that have been burnt and died. The numbers are just horrendous, of course, it’s not just koalas, but it’s as almost this animal, in particular, seems to be a symbol of the fires.


Koala Medicine & Symbolism

The Koala’s meaning and symbolism come to us from Koala’s Australia because it is one of the most famous symbols of that nation. Which spiritual message tells the koala?

If you come across a Koala in the wild, you will find it in one of two states – awake, feeding and tending to its young, or dozing in a fetal position, it’s rump securely wedged into the fork of a tree.

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So, the koala you find it awake or asleep nothing sort of in-between and there is a duality at play.

The message of the koala inspires you to start your own journey, a quest that will unlock answers you seek from a place hidden deep within your essence. For the ancient knowledge and spiritual awakening hidden within our consciousness. Koala represents a sacred journey that is unique for everyone, an expedition that supports the individuals’ needs and requirements for all people.

Slow down and pay attention. Find an oasis in the calamity of your life. ~Koala


In nature, the koala moves slowly through the branches of the eucalyptus tree, leisurely chewing the leaves, reminding us that life is not a race or competition. Koala seems perpetually at peace with himself and his surroundings. They are likable, friendly, amicable, and content to go with the flow. That, in itself, is a powerful life lesson for most humans. Koalas philosophy of life “whatever will be, will be.”

As it turns out, the Koala is a social creature that protects what they hold dear. It also symbolizes security, nurturing, protection, feminine energies. If there is an opportunity to support one or more in that group, they will offer aid without fanfare. In this Koala represents hearth, home, family, kin, and neighbors working together for the common good. Thus they tend to look after their “tribe.”

They have an abundance of empathy and are in tune with the emotions of others. The wisdom of the Koala, however, is knowing when to step in and when to step back. Often because of this empathy, they need time to be alone to detox and regroup. You cannot help those who are unwilling to help themselves, or who simply do not accept change. But Koala is very patient. One of Koala’s mantras is, “time will tell.”

In nature, Koala is a little picky and feeds very selectively on the leaves of individual eucalyptus trees. While he has hundreds of varieties of Eucalyptus from which to choose, only 10 types are considered “gourmet.” Of that, sometimes, only 2-3 might be consumed. Koala medicine also includes protection from the elements and the environment.

So remember the koala is presenting a message that you can do this as well, not necessarily eat eucalyptus leaves, but be able to enter other realms other realities and journey deep within the inner landscape once there it is thought that the koala gathers knowledge and can offer healing in ways not considered physically possible in the tangible world. That little animal is showing us that we have the power to go also in an inner journey into other worlds other realms to bring in healing that isn’t physically considered possible. Occasionally, this animal is merely asking you to hang on. Therefore, you will soon feel relief from the emotions and stresses you have been experiencing.


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