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Do Plants Have Feelings?

Do Plants Have Feelings?

Do Plants Have Feelings

Scientists recorded the sounds made by the insect with a laser microphone. Afterward, the caterpillar was removed, and the researchers reproduced the animal’s audios. For another Arabidopsis thaliana, vibration-free audio was played. When the caterpillars were put back on the plant, it produced large amounts of mustard oil, a substance that repels hungry bugs. The research, however, did not discover the auditory mechanism of plants.

About the frugivores

Frugivores is an offshoot of vegetarianism. But besides not eating meat, their members are more orthodox because they don’t eat leaves, stems, and roots, only fruits, and nuts. However, this diet can only be maintained for a few months because the body stores and recycles certain nutrients. The less radical eat vegetables, fruits, seeds, oilseeds, and legumes. The recommendation is 500 g of green leaves and 500 g of fruits and vegetables.

Plants, like all living beings, have feelings and deserve respect. Don’t mess with them when you’re in a bad mood or with any other harmful emotions. Plants attract good things. However, it is difficult if the caregiver is not psychologically well.

And you, talk to your little plants? What is your affection ritual with them? Share how you transmit positive energy to vegetables.

Music from the Temple of the Sacred Forest of Damanhur

The singing plants and trees of Damanhur have sparked off such a worldwide fascination that the people began organizing “Plant Concerts,” where musicians perform the music created by the trees.

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Since 1975, some researchers from the Federation of Damanhur, an ethical-spiritual community located in Vidracco, Piedmont, Italy, have been studying the plants to understand their unique capabilities.

The singing plants of Singing Plant Concert at Damanhur

Thanks to the help of some devices they created to record the reactivity of plants in their natural environment, the researchers found that plants can learn and communicate with each other. Applying a simple principle of physics, they used a variant of the Wheatstone bridge, an electrical circuit used to measure the electrical resistance between the two poles of a bridge circuit.

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