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Seaspiracy: A Commentary

Seaspiracy: A Commentary

Seaspiracy: A Commentary

Seaspiracy: A Commentary

(It does not contain spoilers, well…maybe a little!)

By Alberto Adler

A few years ago, I worked with a girl whose master’s thesis was on organic food certification in Brazil.

As these guys more engaged in environmental issues are very demanding, it was a big surprise for me to discover that the most widespread seal of “Organic Food” here in Brazil is based on declarations made by the manufacturer itself.

There is, in fact, no practical inspection. The first thing I thought was “Only in Brazil” something like this could happen. However, I have just discovered that it was not really the case!

Sustainability In Question

When I watched the documentary Seaspiracy (Netflix), I was appalled! I confess that in the first minutes of the documentary, I almost gave up.

Early on, the narrative style refers a lot to works like “Supersize Me,” so it gave me the impression that it would be “more of the same.”

However, as it is tough for me to leave a show in the middle (it must be very bad), I went ahead and hanged in there until the end.

And then, low and behold… it was blatantly clear that the mess in terms of food certification is general and broad and goes beyond borders.

The Real Face of the Fish Industry: The Greenwashing

More than being based on declarations from those who carry out the fishing, the system is financed by those who benefit most from it: the fishing industry itself.

Because that’s precisely what fish sellers do. Just like with the tuna, whose packages carry that “Dolphin Free” stamp. By the way, the ones that carry “Sustainable” stamps, too.

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Ah, did you think this is a spoiler?

I apologize for the minor spoiler – the film goes way beyond this question. But I hope you are at least as disgusted with the fish industry as you were with me.

Watch the documentary, draw your own conclusions, and make your own fish consumption decisions. But I am warning you: if you have restrictions on the consumption of chickens, cattle, or pigs due to their breeding and slaughter conditions, prepare your stomach.

The Seaspiracy can be very hardcore!

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