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Abandoned Animals and The Rainbow Bridge

Abandoned Animals and The Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge

We all have heard about the “Animal Heaven” legend in the human middle path of transcendence called The Rainbow Bridge. This same legend we are talking about does not forget those animals that could not, in life, enjoy a human person’s love.

Abandoned Animals and The Rainbow Bridge


The emotional story of the legend of the Rainbow Bridge continues in this way:

“Suddenly, the Rainbow Bridge dawned differently from average sunny days; this was a cold and gray day, the saddest day you can imagine. The newcomers did not know what to think. They had never seen such a day there. But the animals that already had more time there, waiting for their loved ones, knew perfectly well what happened and started to gather on the path that leads to the Bridge to look.

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They waited a while, and a much older animal arrived, with its head sunk and dragging its tail. The animals that already had more time there knew its history immediately because they had seen this happen many times. The animal was approaching slowly. Very slowly, it is evident that it had great emotional pain, even though there were no physical signs of distress.

Unlike the other animals that waited on the Rainbow Bridge for their earlier owners, animals without previous humans have some more challenges than the others. This animal had not returned to his youth, nor had he been full of health and joy again. As he walked towards the Rainbow Bridge, he saw how all the other animals looked at him. He knew that this was not his place and that as soon as he could cross the Rainbow Bridge, he would be happy. But that would not be so. When he approached the Rainbow Bridge, an angel appeared and, with a sad face, apologized and told him that he could not cross. Only those animals that were accompanied by their loved ones could cross the Rainbow Bridge.

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