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Forest, Trees, and their Curative Energies

Forest, Trees, and their Curative Energies

Forests, Trees, and their Curative Energies

Forests, Trees, and their Curative Energies

By Ministry Earth

Trees and forests are indeed significant for the continuation of the lives of various beings, including humans. That is why the issue of preserving the environment is substantial worldwide, even though there is still a lot to be done.

In addition to simple living beings, trees and forests also have beautiful energies. These, in turn, can be felt in many ways. Some trees even have healing energies, such as willow and pine.

The Importance of Trees for the Planet

It should not be necessary to talk about it too much, as it should be a clear conscious behavior in everyone! The truth is that, even though a large part of the population grasps the concept of the importance of the trees intellectually, another significant amount of people do not care. It is an unfortunate situation, but the role of all of us is to do our part in the best possible way.

Trees and forests are dictators of climate and are also the primary caretakers of our waters. Without their presence, the springs would not survive, and neither would all beings, including humans.

Besides, environmental preservation is helpful for the country’s economy, as long as it is done consciously. After all, there is no point in removing extensions of forest and not having a supportive sustainability plan.

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For the health area, preserving the environment is also particularly useful since an unbalanced climate can bring “discomfort” and health consequences to their populations (humans and others). There is also the question of using medicines that are created from medicinal plants, which contribute to health. The destruction of environments can affect our ability to heal ourselves as well.

Respecting Our Commons

Regarding social aspects, everything we have about natural resources, such as water, food, etc., comes from our environment. They are called our Commons because they are resources that we share with other beings of the entire planet. They do not belong individually to any of us.

So, ignoring the need for nature preservation and restructuring is like taking the steps forward to the destruction of our civilization.

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