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Are Cats Naturally Jealous Animals?

Are Cats Naturally Jealous Animals?

Are Cats Naturally Jealous Animals?

Are Cats Naturally Jealous Animals?

Do Cats Feel Jealous?

Cats are unique, independent, self-confident, self-possessed animals. Those who have these felines in life often say that they are the ones who choose their “owners,” and they are sincere animals. Anyone who doesn’t know can even say that cats are detached and unsentimental animals, unlike puppies.

There are even several memes on the web making comparisons between dogs and cats, focusing on the temperament of each species.

But whoever loves kitties can guarantee, with all certainty, that they are kind and affectionate, yes. And we demonstrate their feelings.

Incidentally, they ensure that cats feel jealous, yes, whether with other humans or even with other cats.

The Normal Feline Behavior

First, we need to keep in mind that Jealousy is a typically human emotion, so we may be misusing the term to define an animal’s behavior that has other explanations.

Studies relating Jealousy (or a more appropriate term) to dogs, but it does not apply to cats. Still, some behaviors can lead us to think that this is a feeling.

This is due to the fact that, although domestic cats are solitary animals, domestication itself meant that they chose a person (or even another animal) as a reference.

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They tend to elect their humans as their favorite individuals for obvious reasons: we feed, care for, protect, socially interact with them, especially these days, in which the tutor-pet relationship creates more bonds than in the past.

Our Pets are our Children.

Considering the way we treat our “furry children,” it is to be expected that cats will see us as “their humans,” contrasting that relationship with some other individual (human or not) who represents their social rival, with behaviors such as rejection and aggressiveness) that may lead us to think that this is Jealousy. But is it?

Is it Really Jealousy?

Well, there is no way to analyze the aggressive cat’s behavior and say that it is Jealousy, so there are possible attitudes typical of “jealous cats.”

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