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Don Jose Ruiz: Shamanic Wisdom of Animals

Don Jose Ruiz: Shamanic Wisdom of Animals

don Jose Ruiz-Photo credit by Lisa Hantke

I have the utmost respect for these little animals for what they represent and life itself. If I stumble on a page that does not resonate with me and do not like it, I don’t flip again. I say to myself, “okay, why am I resisting It message?” Why do I want another meaning? Is it because sometimes I like to operate in things that I am used to? It beautiful animal book has the gift to gives us awareness of what the animal kingdom has to offer us. We just must learn to listen and trust it.


Ministry Earth: What motivated you to bring awareness about the importance of Non-Humans in Toltec Ancestral traditions? What is the relation between nonhumans and the incorporeal” beings or “Allies” that Carlos Castaneda wrote about in his books on Nagualism?

don Jose Ruiz: What motivated me to create It Book was the relationship between my dog and me. I had a dog named Yogi. I have had three dogs named Yogi. Two of them passed away. The last one that passed away gave me the biggest gift, the gift of reflection and realization that my body was Yogi. I loved It puppy unconditionally. He opened my eyes that my human body is also, in a way, my puppy. He began teaching me to love my human body. You can see many Shaman traditions. They have the awareness but are missing the self-love part. I was guilty of It too. For example, I didn’t treat my body with love and respect it deserved. I ate unhealthily, didn’t exercise, and harmed my physical body.

With This realization, I began programming my mind to treat my body with respect. In terms of organic living beings, like puppies, they are allies and masters for us to emulate. Castaneda speaks about the nagualism in his books that it’s the energy behind everything. The allies are not really or necessarily a Peter, or Pedro, or any other human.

The Allies are just pure energy. We like to see it like we like to see it. For instance, I can focus my energy on the point of view of seeing my grandmother, but it’s not my grandmother. I’m using my grandmother to attract that energy that’s behind my memories of her. But that energy that is already inside of me.

When we are our allies, we can see the light within us. We can see the light outside of us. When we get out of our mind and way, we can learn to feel like how we feel when we are in front of the ocean, in front of a baby, a deer, a dolphin, or any kind of presence that creates peacefulness, our mind just becomes quiet. We are feeling the Allied presence of life, and we just are witnessing it. When you wake your mind and body up, you can feel the Allies outside.

You can feel the animals outside of you when you close your eyes, these same allies you have are within yourself. You are your ally. You are your inorganic being because it’s the energy that is all around you. When you begin living with Its presence in your life, you can see the importance of the nonhuman animals and the Allies because they are just a reminder of what we are, and It is the service of nagualism.


Ministry Earth: What are the main lessons the Animals have come to teach us on It planet?

don Jose Ruiz: The main lessons that animals have taught us on It planet are: How to live, how to love, how to enjoy, and how to survive.

Like the animals, the will to survive keeps us strong in our everyday lives and with the responsibility to protect people like our friends and families. If you notice in the animal kingdom, they live in a predatory world, but they learn how to survive in it. We are doing the same thing in It life. We are surviving our fears, heartbreaks, physical poison, emotional poison, and every day we are surviving it all. When we begin acknowledging that our strength is similar to those of the animals, we learn to trust our strength. We see that they can overcome anything and that they do their best. That is the biggest lesson that they can show and teach us is learning to do our best. Knowing and believing that we are perfect, just the way we are.

We are perfect with the mistakes that we have made and perfect even with the mistakes that we are still making today. Our mistakes show us how to survive on this planet. What the animals do not have that we do as humans are self-judgment and self-guilt.

They live free of those chains. Animals have made me realize that I have all these chains in my World because of years of domestication. Wild animals live presently without judgments, which is where I would like to live, free of them as they are. I see the dream of the animals, and their whole purpose is about survival and love, and there is no room for them to be victims.

It is important to remember that fear is energy that deserves respect. It allows us to listen to our body and instincts, we need fear when we have danger around us to alert us, but it shouldn’t stop us from our dreams. I have learned the importance of taking care of the animals.

To honor them, they have a right to live free from human harm. I don’t want to live as a person with victimization anymore. I want to live like them, free in Nature, with the survival and strength that they can overcome anything. It is in their DNA, just like it is in ours. We must learn to trust ourselves, and animals show us how to do that.


Ministry Earth: Do you have a book that changed your life? If so, how and which one?

don Jose Ruiz: Yes, I have a book that changed my life that came to me at the perfect time. Believe it or not, it was just a few pages of Christopher Reeves’s book “Nothing is impossible” that changed my life. My father had suffered his heart attack about 20 years ago, left me in a dark, painful place. Reeves’s life story is amazing. He had A beautiful desire to become an actor and became the face of the Superman movies.

One day, the actor fell from his horse, leaving him forever paralyzed, depressed, hating life, hating God, and losing happiness. He internalized so many things in his mind. One day, he saw people like him who had the same or similar paralysis. At that moment, he began his journey from being a victim to a warrior.

Christopher could not walk, but he wanted to help, so that’s what he did. He began to help, then put his poison aside, so he can go forward and deliver his medicine.

His medicine was that of a warrior because he could push aside his pain and began healing people with his story.

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He began loving life again. His path was so inspiring because he did it with forgiveness to God and peace in his heart when his time came to pass away. That is a big lesson, to surrender and accept something like becoming paralyzed, and learning still does not give us a right to suffer from our poison.

His book changed my life because his words came when I needed to hear them the most. It came at the perfect moment in my life. I opened his Book, and when I opened it, there was a powerful quote by Abraham Lincoln that said, “if I do good, I feel good, and if I do bad, I feel bad.” That is my mantra now and how I live my life.

When I read It quote in that book, I said to myself, “Oh, my God, I have made my life so complicated. It hit me that I was feeling bad when I was doing bad. Such simple words are words that have great meaning. It truly is so simple. We like to make things more complicated because we are fighting change or addicted to suffering. When I realized that, I decided that I will do everything to unlearn that. I decided just to spread goodness in It World.

It is when I understood the power of consciousness, to keep your consciousness clean, to keep your conscious honest, your mind honest, being honest to yourself because that is the truth. If I’m feeling sad, I’m sad, but that doesn’t give me the right to be unhappy with my life. Christopher Reeves, even though becoming paralyzed, chose happiness. When my father came out of the coma from his heart attack, he got better.


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