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Philippe Echaroux and “The Crying Forest”

Philippe Echaroux and “The Crying Forest”

© Philippe Echaroux

“The Crying Forest” A Photographic Essay

The International Artist Philippe Echaroux in his series The Crying Forest” projects the faces of Brazilian Indians onto trees in the Amazon Rainforest, and the result is beautiful.

This photographic series is part of the exhibition from the Artist Philippe Echaroux “The Crying Forest,” was launched at the Galerie Taglialatella, in Paris, in 2016.


In this collection, the Faces of indigenous people projected on trees in the Amazon Forest. The result could not be more lovely.

The Installation by the French photographer and Artist Philippe Echaroux aims to draw attention to the deforestation that devastates the forest and its animals and destroys the indigenous Amazonian communities’ livelihood.


The projections demonstrate the deep connection between nature and its inhabitants, highlighting the need for environmental preservation and developing serious sustainable initiatives to stop the destruction of this valuable Planetary asset.

Painting with Light

The French artist, who considers himself an activist artist, does what he calls “Street Art 2.0”: street art without paints, just Light. Echaroux emphasizes how he likes to play with shadows and Light.


Philippe Echaroux photographed portraits of members of the Suruí tribe, a Brazilian indigenous group from Rondônia and Mato Grosso’s states. The tribe leader, Almir Narayamoga Suruí, was invited by the Brazilian government to help preserve the forest. In turn, he asked the French to use Art as an appeal against deforestation and forest destruction. This was a creative way to find international exposure and bring awareness about the Indigenous people’s plight and environment.

Victim of illegal logging and miners who does not hesitate to violate the Suruí territory, the indigenous group wants to raise awareness about this horrible and greedy exploitation that endangers an entire region and its people. Describing the inspiration behind the project, Echaroux says, “When you cut a tree, it is as if you also did it to a man.”

 Philippe Echaroux and The Power of Street Art

“Painting with lights.” Philippe Echaroux is a French photographer and street artist born in 1983. He projects his portraits on a large scale, inventing the concept of Street Art 2.0. With his project, named “Paintings with lights, ” he kicked off this new style in Marseille’s home city in March 2014.

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Two weeks later and his project created the buzz in 44 countries. Philippe’s street art does not leave any prints on locations. He uses to exhibit his Art, playing with his favorite tool: Light.

The beauty of his Art is, therefore, ephemeral.

In 2016, Echaroux premiered his work in the rainforest in Amazonia.

Know more about Philippe Echaroux Instagram and Facebook, and his website here.

The end result is really unique and touching! Check out the making-of of the project in the video below (in French):

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