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Don Jose Ruiz: Shamanic Wisdom of Animals

Don Jose Ruiz: Shamanic Wisdom of Animals

don Jose Ruiz-Photo credit by Lisa Hantke

Only living with the 15% of his heart capacity, he said these words, “just because my body is broken, does not give me the right to live in suffering, all my life, my body supported me and now it’s time for my mind to support my body.” That was the ultimate gift. Just like Christopher, he was repairing a different dream. It was a great lesson for me that I took from his Book. That changed my life. I recommend It Book to everybody.

Whenever we are in pain, whenever we are heartbroken, just remember, it is like the rain, or like the storm, it will go past, it doesn’t last forever. When it is raining, the only thing to do when it is raining is just getting out our umbrellas to shelter us until it passes.

Christopher is resting in peace; I am so grateful to him for writing It Book and having the strength to make peace with God before he passed. It showed me that no matter what happens in life, you can make peace with God, to the Divine Mother, and come back to life, not sacrifice your heart to any pain life gives us and honor the life and our body. Our body is part of Mother Earth, so just imagine the power that we have. When we do good, we feel good, and when we do bad, we feel a bad, common sense.


Ministry Earth: Tell us more about your future creative projects and how people can follow you and know about your events?

don Jose Ruiz: I am overly excited about the new creative projects we have going on with my family. I’ve been doing some online teachings because of COVID. Lately, inspiring minds for almost a year has been solely over the internet. I’ve been putting my messages on Instagram every Monday. I get to open my heart to my followers. The one thing that I’m so excited about is finally going in person to speak to people and once again feel the light and energy from them.

I am looking forward to speaking tours again because it’s one thing that I live for. I meet all these beautiful people, beautiful dreamers, and beautiful angels with a message to give and share. When I am around them, I feel so inspired because of their willingness to change.

It makes me feel like I do not alone want. It changes for Its beautiful World. I’m so excited that my brother don Miguel Jr. and I are about to get on planes, get on cars, and begin sharing messages of the Toltec tradition in real-life mode again.

At the same time, I’m so excited about the collective dream now that The COVID period has ended. It was the ultimate transformation for me. Like that worm getting into a cocoon, and the cocoon was us being in our home for that year, learning many things, breaking our automatic habits, and recreating them. So many people had significant changes It past year.

Some quit their jobs, lost jobs. People left relationships. They begin feeling there is more to learn or wanting change.

We all went through changes doesn’t matter who you are. COVID affected us all because we were all in our cocoon. When we start to get out of our homes now once again back into everyday life, we’re not the same COVID has completely changed us.

It’s time we become butterflies. We have the medicine of the butterfly now, and it’s the medicine of resurrection. We all shared the experience that we went into the cocoon, and now it’s time for us to be butterflies. It is the beautiful part of it. What are we not doing that we would love to do right now? I’m so happy and grateful for everybody, for It magazine, for the readers, my publisher, my families, and everybody ready to change It World because we’re a tribe.

I Call It a time of the butterflies because we’re ready to fly. Our presence will change It World because we are that presence. By changing It World, the only thing we have to change is our inner World. The little ones learn what we say to them, learn how we live, and it’s time to inspire, not to live in suffering, but to live in Heaven once again. Knowing that we have everything to overcome whatever life throws at us in our hearts, we are the power animals.

The dream of humanity is the one who takes care of the planet.

We take care of our whole planet by taking care of our physical body or dreaming mind. We are there for the love of our life, ourselves. Remember the Scorpion and the thickness of his stinger the next time that you want to hurt yourself. Remember that you have the ability, the power, and the strength not to stick yourself with that poison anymore. You are that butterfly ready to fly free, giving the message inside you wherever you go.

We are the love of our life, just like the little animals are the love of theirs.

You can follow me and my family’s work on our website. You can sign up for our newsletter there, and all our social media links are there. We have some exciting online courses & live presentations there. I love to do my Mondays live on Instagram.

It can go for seven minutes or even an hour! You never know because it’s all that I feel inside or feels like sharing. I invite you, and It is how you can know what we’re doing next in the Ruiz family. All my love and gratitude Ometeolt. Learn more about don Jose Ruiz, on his website

Shaman Power Animals-don Jose Ruiz


Shamanic Power Animals: Embracing the Teachings of Our Non-Human Friends available Now on Amazon

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