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Pets and Weddings (The How to Step by Step)

Pets and Weddings (The How to Step by Step)

Pets and Weddings

Pets and Weddings (The How to Step by Step)

By Cathedral of the Soul

As they are considered part of the family, our pets are part of the most intimate wedding ceremonies. They come in different breeds, sizes, and formats: Dogs and cats, parrots, turtles, birds, rodents, and even snakes. And if they are in our daily lives, why could they not participate in the most important day of our lives?

Thinking about it, we created this step-by-step guide about Pets and Weddings, with recommendation tips for the bride and groom. They wish to have a different celebration, following the trend of having animals in the wedding ceremony.

Socialize your Pet.

The animal needs to be sociable, enjoy being among people, even strangers, to participate in this wedding event. We will need to evaluate the animals’ behavior. To take part in the wedding ceremony will be imperative for the animal to be trained and to have a history of good behavior. Some animals are naturally more social than others. Many pets are shy or scared in these situations. But the rule of thumb is no puppies. They tend to be agitated and undisciplined.

Consider an older animal, preferably one more than one and a half years older.

Evaluate the place as a safe place for your pet and others.

Verify the rules of the place where the ceremony is taking place and make sure they allow animals. Prioritize calmer environments. Ask if the place accepts animals—especially the church, chapel, or temple wedding. Even on the farm or on the beach, it is important to do this check to avoid problems on the Big Day.

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It is good that the animal knows the ceremony’s location in advance to not be surprised on the day (especially dogs and cats). Take the pet to the place, stroll with him for a while, take a break and see how he reacts.

Also, it would be a good idea to check if people involved in the ceremony are allergic to animals. Talk to the celebrant, groomsmen, godmothers, pages and girls, fathers, mothers, etc. Especially those who are going to get close to the pet.

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