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The Mystical Spiritual Mission of Animals

The Mystical Spiritual Mission of Animals

Mystical mission of animals

The Mystical Spiritual Mission of Animals

By Cathedral of the soul

What is the mystical mission of animals in our lives? Have you asked yourself this question?

Spiritually speaking, everything that lives fulfills a function, or a purpose, like we like to say. All forms of life are conscious, although the levels of consciousness are variable. No, it’s not just us humans capable of thinking, feeling, and loving.

The human being is arrogant when he thinks that only he can determine consciousness based on his own experience. We believe we are the only intelligent and conscious beings in the world. Some believe that we are the only thinking beings in the Universe. We are at the top of the pyramid of thought, but is it?

Animals are conscious beings who feel and perceive everything around them. They know how to read emotions and have their own spirituality. For example, dogs and cats have mentors. They have a chakra system. They are known for having out of body experiences (astral projections). Animals hold Mystical Spiritual Missions, just like human beings do.

And as they exist in the same world as us, our lives are interconnected in the same dimension, and they have a beautiful mission with us. And we with them. This relationship was not established by chance, and it serves us a lot in our evolutionary journey.

First, let’s talk about love. To speak to an animal is to speak the language of love. With them, we learn about unconditional love, joy, loyalty, resilience. Not only dogs, but cats also save children from a fire. They even sleep on the deceased owner’s grave and die of depression after being abandoned or losing the owner. The fact is that many animals perceive our sadness, our suffering and exchange energy with us.

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They help us to balance our body, mind, and spirit. For example, a cat can neutralize a negative and charged environment, helping balance our home’s energies.

“All knowledge, all questions and answers are contained in the dog.” Franz Kafka

It is possible that through our relationship with animals, we discover more about ourselves. They also show us with great love how we can evolve as humanity. Our relationship with animals is much more spiritual than physical. It is not by chance that our evolutionary paths crossed on Earth. They are part of the secret of our evolution. An animal can teach us some of the most valuable qualities, such as unconditional love, pure devotion, and the value of loyalty and compassion.

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