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How To Apply Feng Shui to Your Aquarium

How To Apply Feng Shui to Your Aquarium


How To Apply Feng Shui to Your Aquarium

Amp up the energy in your home by using the principles of Feng Shui to your aquarium.

How to Apply the Principles of Feng Shui to Your Aquarium

Water is an important symbol of energy movement in Feng Shui.

It is important to have the representation of water in movements in our home environments. They can come in the form of fountains, and aquariums are important for the flow and activation of energies. Likewise, the fish and fishermen have particular representations.

Fish are symbols of knowledge and victory. They symbolize wealth and represent success in challenges and careers. Aquariums represent the legend of the lucky Carp when it overcomes all obstacles to reach the yellow river at the time of spawning. The Carp arrives there, and it is transformed into a celestial dragon.

Have a Size Aquarium Suitable for Your Home

The size of the aquarium should be proportional to the size of your environment. A tiny aquarium will attract little energy of prosperity, and thus, little money. On the other hand, if it is too big for the room, it will have overwhelming oomph. Make sure the aquarium is suitable for keeping your fish alive. Ensure it has a good oxygenation system to keep the water clean and bright and the fish healthy.

Decor with Stones, Plants, and Other

A beautiful bowl is an admired aquarium. Hence, it will be more powerful to attract riches into the environment. Want to have more prosperity? Decorate your aquarium with Beauty and Harmony (no exaggeration).

Have a Water Dragon Inside

The dragon is a symbol of prosperity, and they love to be in aquatic environments. Buy a dragon for your water bowl, so as not to harm your fish. If you cannot find it, place a dragon image next to the aquarium outside.

Select harmonic Fish

Please do not put too big fish in a small aquarium. They need room to circulate. Instead, choose those that catch your eye and make sure you choose the right type of water for them. Golden and colorful fish are benefits for the energy approach of wealth.

The Perfect Number of Fish

If you want to have a traditional aquarium, choose eight goldfish and a blackfish. Or pick nine fish in gold, red and black. They give enough energy from yin and yang to balance your  bowl and attract prosperity. Try to stock your aquarium with numbers in multiples of 9, making sure they can live together in your aquarium.

Keep Your Aquarium with Care

A dirty fishbowl brings health problems and financial hardship to the environment. If you want to keep a fishbowl, make sure you have enough time to keep it always clean and well taken care of, as well as take time to feed your fish. Your aquarium should be bright, clean, and clear to activate good, sparkling, and vibrant financial energy.

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Place the Aquarium in the Right Place

The best place to put the aquarium is near the front door of the house. It is an excellent wealth energy activator. You can also put it in the northern sector of the house, responsible for work and career, or in the eastern area, health, or southwest, family growth. Do not put aquariums in bedrooms, bathrooms, or kitchens.

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