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Dogs, Afterlife and Astral Therapy

Dogs, Afterlife and Astral Therapy

Dogs astral therapy

Dogs, Afterlife and Astral Therapy

By Cathedral of the Soul (Animal Ministry)

It seems that animal therapy does not happen only on Earth. Still, it does benefit many more beings than the ones that are alive. Some many spiritual friends and mentors take advantage of this deep bond that we have with our animals. This loving connection may help us in the passage of many realms beyond life.


It has been a while since we discovered that animals help to maintain our health. Petting a dog or cat lowers our blood pressure, reduces stress, and releases hormones of joy and well-being into our system.

To love, a dog finds no measures, judgments, or barriers. They make no distinction of race, do not care about money, and live for their owners, whether they are poor, rich, disabled, fat, thin, tall, short, atheist or believers.

Just get home, and there they are, with a vast smile expressed by wagging their tails and happy as never to see the owner return. It is even funny because the joy and euphoria with which they receive us after a few hours away seem more that they went years without seeing us.

“A dog wags its tail with its heart.” Martin Buxbaum

 Animals and their Relationship with Humans

That relationship is old, ancient. Thousands of years ago, man domesticated the Dog: approximately 30 thousand years ago, there is this relationship between them and human beings. Even though the goal was not to have a pet at first, the result was this infinity of breeds and coexistence based on love that seems to transcend the limits of life.

Animals are a tremendous heavenly gift for us! Having animals especially dogs, only benefits us. And when we talk about therapy, the benefits are even more evident!

Animals previously trained and integrated into a multidisciplinary team formed by health and education professionals can improve patients’ social and interpersonal contact and develop physical and mental activity.

And that is why we see more and more animal therapy being used by medical teams, especially for the recovery period after surgery or even terminally ill patients. Stroking a dog releases serotonin, lowers blood pressure, increases vibrations, and the feeling of well-being, essential factors for the recovery and treatment of those who perish with some illness.

The Dogs’ Spiritual Mission

Spiritually, everything that lives fulfills a function. All forms of life are conscious, whether you acknowledge it or not. Each little life has a different conscience and proper to the kingdom it belongs to.

The human being is presumptuous when he thinks that only he can determine what consciousness is, based on his own experience. We believe we are the only intelligent and conscious beings in the world, and we put all other forms of life below us in this chain.

Dogs are definitely not human and have differences in the ability to communicate and interact with the environment. Still, they are equally conscious beings, who feel, perceive everything around them, know how to read emotions, and have their own spirituality blueprint.

United by the Same  Mutual Love

As they exist in the same world as us, our lives are intertwined, and they have a beautiful mission with us. The relationship has not been established by chance. The relationship we have with them serves us a lot in our evolutionary journey.

First, let’s talk about love. With them, we learn about unconditional love, joy, and loyalty. There is no animal more loyal than a dog.

Cats can also be loyal, but since they were domesticated less time ago, they still have a wilder nature. In some sense, they still maintain their indomitable personalities.

Nevertheless, we must acknowledge that there are incredible stories of cats who saved children from the fire. And cats who sleep on the owners’ grave, those who died of depression after being abandoned, or after their caregivers passed away. Cats are also impressive but have a different energy than dogs.

“There is no psychiatrist in the world, like a dog that licks your face.” Bern Williams

Dogs can perceive our sadness and try to cheer us up. In fact, they are emotional therapists: if they see us sad, they are always ready to lick our faces and put us in a good mood again. We know that it all happens on Earth, but have you ever thought that this same process can occur in the spirit world?

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Animals on The Astral Plane

There are many reports of the participation of animals in our spiritual life. That we can meet with them is not very secret, but have you ever thought that the same therapy used on Earth can be used in the spirit world?

Recently, I saw an interesting story from someone that practices Astral Projections (and Lucid Dreaming). In this account, he said that he witnessed a curious event: a dog being brought to its former owner as a way to cheer him. The Dog was used as therapy and made his former older owner feel better from the deep sadness. He thought he passed away too soon and left many people he loved behind. This happens, unfortunately… Even more so, if you have children, waking up to a new reality that does not involve them must be difficult to accept. As a mother of two young adults, I would be crazy about it, and it would take a long time to accept this new reality of life. Or death depends on the point of view.

Love is all That is

The report shared precisely that information: as part of the process of recovering a newly deceased, a much-loved old dog was brought in to live with that spirit to facilitate the transition process.

The individual that witnessed this event during the astral projection came to tears and could not say what was more exciting to see: the spirit that completely changed his mental and emotional state when he met that Dog again, or the Dog, who, even after years of living in the spirit world, he immediately recognized his former owner with the same joy as before.

Like those videos, we see on the internet about dogs that went a long time without seeing their owners and then almost die of happiness when they appear. It was beautiful to hear that story, and it is impressive to see how real bonds of love never go away. Love never dies. Love is what we are all made of.

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