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The Mystical Meaning of Black Cats

The Mystical Meaning of Black Cats

Black Cats

The Mystical Meaning of Black Cats

Black cats are cute little animals with excess melanin in their hair or skin, making them black. But these harmless and affectionate cats are rejected by much of society because of false myths from different cultures. The stories about Black cats have spread around the world and promoted some unfounded superstitions.

From these myths, the black Cat became the target of many negative projections and evil belief systems. Despite the negative stories, today, some places consider this Cat a sacred animal.

Understand a little more about the black Cat’s mystical meaning and unravel all the mysteries behind these lovely creatures.

Why is the Black Cat so Unique?

The Cat sees more and sees inside and beyond us. It is related to auras, friendly ghosts, and bullies.

The Cat brings us a chance for interiorization and wisdom, put by the mystery at the disposal of man. The Cat is an animal that has a lot of quartz in the pineal gland. Therefore, it is an energy “transmutator” and a useful animal for healing because it captures the environment’s destructive energy and transforms it into usable energy.

It is said that the place where the Cat chooses to lay frequently in a house may not have healthy vibrational energy.

 Ancient Traditions and Mystic Origens

Suppose the animal starts to lie down in some part of our body insistently. That behavior can be seen as a sign that an organ or limb is not well. The Cat may have already perceived the bad energy in that organ and maybe trying to correct it. It chooses to lie on this part of the body to clean the bad energy that is there.

Note that just as the Cat lies in a particular place, he suddenly leaves because he feels that he has already cleaned the place’s energy and no longer needs it.

Like any other animal, the black Cat is incredibly unique. Still, it has a great history that makes it somewhat different from other types of cats.

In certain cultures, as in ancient Persia, the black Cat was a sacred animal and venerated. At that time, there was a belief that anyone who mistreated a black cat automatically mistreated a spirit of good. This association was made because the feline was considered a creation to be man’s company during his life on Earth, just like people.

In ancient Egypt, black cats were considered gods and were embalmed and buried in the same way as people in funeral rites. In Egypt of the pharaohs, the Cat was worshiped in the goddess Bastet figure, commonly represented with a woman’s body and a cat’s head. This beautiful goddess was the symbol of light, heat, and energy. It was also the moon’s symbol and was believed to have the power to fertilize the Earth and men, cure disease, and lead the dead’s souls.

Since ancient times, the black Cat has carried a powerful symbol about the alchemy of energies.

Superstition and Mysticism

As we already know, the black Cat has its image associated with bad luck. Some beliefs believe that a cat is an animal that invokes negative spirits and bad luck. But where did this “fame” come from? We’ll tell you!

Back in the Middle Ages, black cats were seen as witches who turned into animals – and amazingly enough, this myth continues to resonate today. So many people say that finding a black cat indicates bad luck or that something terrible will happen. This superstition arose from the association of the Cat’s color with its nocturnal habits, keeping in mind that black is generally related to black magic, darkness, and even the devil.

It doesn’t help when people continue to report the color black with darkness and danger. Even today, we say things such as “dark night ‘, Black Friday, dark path, etc. Everything that involves the color black becomes synonymous with evil.

 The Inquisition and Suspertition

In the course of the 15th century, Pope Innocent VII included black cats in a list of the maleficent beings who were cornered by the Inquisition – precisely because they were related continuously to darkness. As a result, many cats were burned, as were people who were accused of witchcraft or were considered witches.

There is a legend of mysticism that says that a princess named Alcmena became pregnant by Zeus. But Hera, the goddess of marriage and motherhood, tried to prevent pregnancy and prevent the child’s birth. But one of the princess’s servants managed to interfere with everything Hera had planned. As a punishment, the goddess of motherhood transformed the servant into a black cat to serve the goddess of darkness and death.

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The Genuine energy of a Black Cat

Cats are generally considered animals that absorb and neutralize bad energy. More specifically, the black Cat is seen in the spirit world as an animal representing the purity of positive energy and attracts good luck while helping human beings cope and overcome life’s challenges.

The black Cat considers the environment in which he lives totally “his.” For this reason, he feels responsible for taking care of the energy of the place and protecting those who live with him from all evil spirits. It is believed that this unbelievably cute feline can ward off all lost spirits that hover over an environment.

Besides, black cats carry with them vital cosmic energy. Because of this positivity, the black Cat can attract abundance and harmony to home and promote prosperity. Its presence has a calming effect, relaxing people’s minds and thoughts and automatically avoiding stress.

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