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Earth Ministry Submission GuidelinesSubmission Guidelines- Write For us

Submitting Articles to Earth Ministry Magazine

We do not accept unsolicited article submissions through email

Ministry Earth Magazine accepts open submissions from the public. Although submissions are not a guarantee of publication, Ministry Earth is a project open to collaboration and accepts submissions from users, which will be published after review and approval (if applicable). Join us and submit articles, photos, or videos that will teach the next generation of readers how to take better care of their pet at home, help those that want to know more about wildlife, or engage in conservation activism and Animal Rights and Welfare actions.

Let’s inspire tomorrow’s Earth friends, today.

Ministry Earth is a collaborative project and the Magazine is part of the educational and informational outreach. Please check this page and many of our Call To actions, please learn all about how to be part of this project.

Our publication is an offshoot of Cathedral of the Soul Animal Ministry and Eco Ministry and would offer users the possibility to actively participate by writing articles, such as opinion articles, sending pictures of their animals, or other types of participation, such as contests and hobbies.

It is required by Ministry Earth and Its parent organizations that all content submitted by users for publication is accompanied by the true name and optionally links to personal web pages or social networks.

When we publish their content, we will publicly make available the information that the user sends us as the author of this content, with the exception of the email address and other forms of contact that will be kept private (unless explicitly requested by the user to make them publicly available).

All submissions to Earth Ministry must be made through our Writers and Author’s Incubator at

All posts within the Author’s Incubator’s & Writers’ Community Network – in blogs, discussions, and groups – are deemed to be submissions for possible publication in Ministry Earth Magazine in all its various formats.

Before making a submission, it is highly recommended that you read through this submission document carefully and visit our ‘TRAINING’ area, which will provide you with valuable additional information.

Please also familiarize yourself with our ‘Copyright and Reprint Policy,’ ‘Terms of Use,’ and ‘Conduct Guidelines.’

The following is the most current, abbreviated version of Ministry Earth Magazine article submission guidelines and expectations for items provided through the Author’s Incubator &Writers Community portal

– Content: Original. In other words, it hasn’t been posted in other magazines or in blogs. We do not publish channeled materials; our writers present their own ideas! Please begin with an 80-word ABSTRACT that summarizes the themes covered (a teaser of sorts).

– Tone of Voice: Professional tone of voice, using “we” or “our” rather than “I” to make the articles inclusive and to avoid sounding like a blog post. Please avoid 2nd person as well, to keep from sounding preachy (as in, “you might be doing this wrong…).

– Self-Promotion: Include an Author Bio with links to your profile and any promotional material (up to 70 words). Self-promotion is not permitted here – if links are embedded or included in the body of the article, they will be deleted.

– Title: Reflective of the general theme (up to 60 characters) *should include keyword/phrase*

– Length: 500 – 800 words (not including the abstract or author bio)– Article Optimization: Be aware of the Ministry Earth Magazine does layout and formatting to best optimize your work for presentation on the Internet and our eZine publications. Articles should have the *key subject word or phrase* identifiable throughout. When composing articles, sub-headings and text must have consistent word use, or they are subject to change at our discretion.

– Audio/Multimedia Files: Ministry Earth Magazine experts who provide additional materials in addition to the standard text must bring it to the attention of the editors.

All profiles on the Author’s Incubator and Writers Community must have comments set to “unmoderated” so editors know if communication is occurring on an article. The following is the original, detailed submission guidelines:


The 5th of the month for all the following months’ editions Anyone who would like help with editing and proofreading, constructive feedback, or specialized layouts may submit their work a little earlier in the month to allow time for this. Please post your request in the Author’s Incubator’s Community Group called ‘Ask the Editors’, and someone will contact you as soon as possible.


Article submissions are subject to length restrictions: Title: maximum 60 characters. Article: maximum of 1,200 words. [updated to 500-800] Author Bio: 400 characters – approximately 60 words. Please Note: These character limits include spaces, line breaks, paragraph breaks, and punctuation. The actual number of characters will be less than the numbers above.


1. Community members of the Incubator Platform submit articles in their blogs, in discussions, or in groups they belong to.

2. Ministry Earth editors will review submissions on a regular basis and feature the ones selected for publication.

3. If your submission is accepted, you will receive an email from the Ministry Earth Community. The email will be stating that your submission has been featured.

4. Ministry Earth Magazine reserves the right to refuse or accept any submissions made. We also retain the right to edit for content, length, grammar, spelling, and accuracy. Please bear in mind that our editors are experienced, professional people who will do their level best to retain your unique voice and to show your work to its best advantage.

5. You may submit graphic ideas with your submissions, but familiarize yourself with the overall style of our Magazine before doing so. a) Large .jpg or .png files only. b) High Resolution: 300dpi or better preferred. c) Royalty-free graphics only, please.

6. Ministry Earth Magazine reserves the right to lay out submissions with graphics of our own choosing regardless of suggestions.

7. If you have submitted several articles, have not been published, and would like some constructive feedback, please post a request in the group called ‘Ask the Editors’, and a member of staff will consult with you about ways in which you might improve your chances.

There are many non-monetary benefits when you send us a submission with our publication, including professional writing experience professional editing and layout services constructive feedback to hone your personal style expanded exposure in the global conscious community increased Internet presence professional networking support of like-minded others enhanced “Google-ability” opportunity for economical syndication As Ministry Earth, we suggest including your business and social networking links with submissions. In this way, your readers can find you in other places and perhaps support your other business endeavors as well. Link-backs, tweets, and other social network communications go a very long way. As you support the Magazine, the Magazine will support you. Display the Ministry Earth Badge with pride!

The following additional guidelines must be strictly observed:


The preferred place for submitting articles is in your own blog space on your personal profile page. You may also start a new discussion or post in specific groups to which you belong. PLEASE DO NOT submit articles or artwork that are not your own original work. Article submissions that are plagiarized or in violation of another author’s copyright will be removed. Ministry Earth Magazine is a conceptual Magazine and a free-content directory, not a forum for blatant self-promotion. We do not accept commercial advertising products, services, or programs. Submissions that are commercial or advertorial in the content will be removed from the database immediately. Submissions that consist of a reprinted post from elsewhere on the Internet or that contain a few lines of text with a link pointing to another site where the article resides are not accepted.

PLEASE NOTE: Ministry Earth Magazine reserves the right to remove any article for any reason with or without notice or explanation. In cases where the above or any other guidelines are severely abused, so-called authors will be banned from the Community.


Article submissions to Ministry Earth Magazine are indexed once a day. This means that any article you submit will be searchable and available to visitors the day after it is submitted.


We strongly recommend that authors copy and paste articles from a basic text editor like Notepad or Note Tab Light. This suggestion will ensure that paragraph breaks, line length, and another basic formatting will be properly handled by our submission editing program. Copying and pasting content from applications like MS Word can and does result in a variety of formatting problems. The reason for this is that MS Word and similar applications use non-ASCII, sometimes invisible, characters that are copied with article content into our submission editing program. This can cause articles to appear very differently from the way they were submitted.

Keeping the above in mind, authors don’t need to use HTML tags for specifying font size or to create paragraph and line breaks.

Use of HTML should be minimal, and we suggest HTML tags only be used for creating live links to sites, services, or products. Any link that begins with “http://” will automatically be clickable.





Ministry Earth and its parent company do not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the quality, accuracy, completeness, legality, reliability, or usefulness of any information, product, or service represented on this website. The information provided on Ministry Earth is for educational or entertainment purposes only. Anyone using the information on Ministry Earth Magazine, whether medical, legal, business, or other, does so at his or her own risk, and by using such information agrees to indemnify Ministry Earth Magazine, its parent company, and its content providers from any and all liability, loss, injury, damages, costs, and expenses (including legal fees and expenses) arising from such use.

No Implied Endorsement:

Ministry Earth does not endorse or recommend any article on this site, or any product, service, or information found within said articles. The views and opinions of the authors who have submitted articles to Ministry Earth Magazine belong to them alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of Ministry Earth Magazine, its staff, or parent company.

No Warranty:

Links to other Web sites from Ministry Earth Magazine are provided for convenience only. Ministry Earth Magazine is not responsible for the content or availability of any external or 3rd party sites and does not warrant or guarantee the products, services, or information found on these sites.

Thank You!

Your understanding and full cooperation are greatly appreciated!

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